Uganda fights against HIV using mobile phones

A collaborative project between a local clinic and a Dutch-run non-governmental organaisation, started up a text service dubbed “text to change” that acts as a medication reminder.

Bas Hoefman, founder of the Dutch-NGO said people were tired of receiving the messages through the usual media and since mobile phones were now common especially among the youth, it was time to repackage the information.

According to GMA news, the text messages come twice a day, and would have statements like, “dear friend please take care of yourself”.

The scheme is said to remind about 400 patients diagnosed with the virus, its users say the daily messages have helped their regulation in taking the drugs.

Samuel Guma director of Kawempe Home Care, which runs the clinic involved, said the service increased adherence in the ARV drug consumption.

ARV’s, which are to be taken twice daily require a minimum adherence rate of around 95 percent to take proper effect, the scheme saw the number rise from 75 percent to 90 percent.

Text-to-change, started in Uganda 5years ago, also used this same service to educate people on HIV by use of SMS quizzes.

Mobile phones have been used by the organization to run over 30 HIV-related projects across Africa.

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