Afroes launches new mobile game in Kenya

Newly launched gaming company Afroes, has introduced a new mobile game in Kenya.

Afroes, a South African establishment opened its doors in Kenya in the recent future and its promising new innovations in mobile gaming.

The new game named Haki was developed by Nathan Masyuko, who is also the Business Development Manager for Afroes in Kenya.

Afroes, in 2010 approached three young gamers including Nathan to develop a concept for a gaming product in Kenya. They immediately accepted the challenge and started trying out new ideas.

“After several months of scripting and prototyping we eventually decided to call the game Haki to signify ‘rights’ and ‘justice’. We conceptualized building a game series under this name and wanted the player to feel as if they were fighting for their rights in the game and give them the tools to do so,” Nathan told HumanIPO.

“Through the scripting we conceptualized different areas where we could address the issue of rights and we landed on environmental rights for the first installment. Thus we have the player saving trees from illegal loggers,” Nathan added.

Haki has received over 180,000 downloads on the Nokia Ovi Store since it was published on the platform. The game is free to download on the platform.

“We also have the game out on the Android Playstore but the numbers aren’t where we’d like just yet,” Nathan commented.

The gaming future in the continent is bright, according to Nathan.

“There is indeed demand for authentic mobile games evidenced by the increasing amounts of downloads on app stores and the success of authentic games such as M3 racer,” he said.

The game is one of the finalist to land this year’s lucrative Tandaa Grants to the amount of Kshs4.2 million (US$50,000) to develop their project much more.

“Afroes has so far developed 4 games, 3 of which have over 80,000 downloads. These games are Champ Chase, Moraba, Teka Champs and Haki,” Nathan told HumanIPO.

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