Google now testing handwriting recognition

Google is in the process of introducing a handwriting recognition feature for its mobile search adding an option to voice recognition and keyboard typing.

This new feature will be available on all touch screen smartphones. To search through the Google search engine, you have to write the keyword on your phone screen. Google will then translate the write up and execute a search.

To enable this feature, visit Google.com using your mobile devices. Click on the ‘settings’ and at the bottom of the screen, turn on the “handwrite” application.

You will need to refresh the page to see the feature. You can as well turn on the application on the home screen. Afterwards, you can start searching through writing.

A number of smartphones can now accept the idea of writing on the screen and can also interpret the characters to normal keyboard characters, like the Galaxy Notebook.

The feature is still in the testing stages and available on Apple iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets. It is tipped to be already available for over 27 languages.

Here is a demonstration of how it will work.

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