Zimbabwe gets solar-powered computers from India amid power crisis

Zimbabwe has received solar-powered computers from India, one of the fastest growing economies, even as several parts of the country are off-grid.

The computers have already been distributed in three provinces of Matabeleland, Harare and Manicaland in a piloting phase, as they are considered where majority of the citizens have no access to computers or electricity supply.

Indian ambassador to Zimbabwe Shri JK Tripathi was quoted by ItWebAfrica as saying installations of the solar powered computers have already started in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare and hope to cover the whole country.

“We are aware that Zimbabwe is moving towards total e-learning and chose to install these computers as a way of support,” Tripathi added.

The solar-powered computers will be able to connect the users to the internet via cellphone mobile networks, provided by Econet Wireless, Telecel Zimbabwe and NetOne.

This comes even after Zimbabwe is reportedly going to experience persistent power cuts for the next 10 years, due to aging equipment that keep breaking down, hence the many power disruptions.

“By 2022 that’s when we will be able to generate enough power for domestic and industrial power,” Patson Mbiriri, secretary for energy and power development, told an annual congress of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries.

The solar-powered computers are seen as a way to go around the problem, and help the country achieve its ambitious ICT plans, before the power issue can be resolved permanently.

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