Cell C builds up its network strength to gain an edge over competitors

Network coverage in South Africa is set to gain a boost after mobile service provider Cell C decided to improve its coverage and performance to reach the marginalised regions “for quality services.”

Cell C reflected on the move as the best way of gaining an edge over competitors — such as MTN, Vodacom and 8ta thus boosting its network.

Cell C Chief Executive Officer Alan Knott-Craig commented that the company is rolling out its network to different locations to have the widest coverage in the region so that its customers would continue benefitting from excellent services.

The company, he says, had carried out countrywide survey to come up with a strategic report to implement the project for the purpose of boosting network and that nothing would bar it from ensuring wider coverage.

With all the resources allocated towards the scheme, he hopes that Cell C will offer world class services to become the best in the country as a result of its network efficiency in coverage .

Reports from the company say that it’s expanding indoor coverage in buildings and its core network capacity with the HSPA+ footprint will offer customers stronger network services with higher speed connectivity, while the LTE may serve well for a minimum period of 12 to 18 months.

Knot-Craig concluded by saying that the company is upgrading its backup and redundancy network elements in addition to regionalising and decentralising of network operation in the country.

Earlier on, Vodacom South Africa released a statement explaining why the company’s services and products prices are higher as compared to other companies in the market.

The company’s chief consumer officer Phil Patel said his organisation has superior network and the consumers should expect nothing rather than paying higher to get access to quality services.

If Cell C’s deal goes through however, it would give othe mobile service providers, including 8ta, MTN,Vodacom and Telkom, a run for their money.

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