Kenya’s judicial commission goes SMS

Kenya’s judicial commission the Judiciary Service Commision (JSC) on Tuesday launched its Judicial Marches Week alongside an SMS service dubbed “SMS the Chief Justice” operation.

The SMS service will help link unsatisfied locals to the country’s judiciary by allowing them to send SMS complaints on the management system of the judiciary to 5834.

The service, available to employees of the judiciary with workplace grievances or exploitation, was piloted by the Judiciary in May ahead of its official launch this August.
Alternatively, complaints can be sent via email to [email protected].

According to the Judiciary Transformation Secretariat, the SMS or email can be sent from complainants across the country and the Ombudsperson at the office of the Chief Justice will respond to the grievances in 16 hours.

The judiciary says it accepts and responds to complaints and compliments in verbal, written, or in electronic form.

In its Ten-Point Plan for Change, the judiciary will be brought closer to all Kenyans and ICT is being used to reduce the delays and frustrations associated with the country’s court system.

This week, the judiciary’s officials in the country’s 112 court stations will reach out to the public as well as enable the judicial officers live to their expectations. It will see the officers hold public meetings to explain the court system to the masses as well as receive feedback and be engaged by the masses.

Judicial officers will also participate in charitable activities as part of the corporate social responsibility.

These changes come two years following the promulgation of the new constitution. The country’s judiciary earlier this year laid down its traditional robes since independence to a more welcoming suit and tie.

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