College Campus site brings e-Learning to South African Students

The American Public University and College Campus will in September this year launch a site called College Campus where distant e-learning can be facilitated.

Owned by the Independent Institute of Education and American Public University (APU), College Campus will offer short courses to managers, entrepreneurs and employees looking to improve leadership skills in their professional area.

APU is reported to have over 100,000 students globally making it one of the successful e-learning portals in the recent past.

E-learning has been hailed throughout the continent as a catalyst that will grow the education standards in Africa. The IT deployment in Africa increases these chances.

“Locally, e-learning is rapidly gaining in popularity and is the most practical, efficient and cost-effective model to increase knowledge among students and working adults. And, as bandwidth continues to improve, it will become even more attractive to prospective students,” College Campus admits.

College Campus Managing Director Genevieve Allen said that the offering of College Campus differs from other e-learning platforms in South Africa.

Allen said that students can easily log in and follow lessons, collaborate with lectures and participation in student forums also add to the overall marks in the various courses undertaken.

Allen noted that the leadership course is in demand in South Africa and so the company saw it fit to start with the course as a pilot. The site promised that it would offer more variety of courses in the future.

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