LG introduces battery powered TV in Nigeria

Power outage is a major problem in Nigeria, in a move to solve this, LG Electronics last week introduced the world’s first battery TV branded LG 32LS3800 Bathery LED TV into the Nigerian market.

Apart from watching favourite TV programs unlike the usual TV sets, the Bathery LED TV ensures viewers do not have to scamper for alternative power supply sources in case of an outage.

Although it operates on electricity, LG 32LS3800 Bathery LED TV has a long lasting battery that ensures uninterruptable TV viewing, the battery, which comes in handy during power outages, has a battery life that can last the duration of a football match.

The LG Battery LED TV also has an in-built surge protector for long lasting durability and better performance against Power surge.

The TV has an LED lighting system, which not only guarantees quality pictures but also minimizes the TV’s energy consumption as it uses 50 percent or less electrical power said to be cost-effective.

The TV is portable and easy to carry, making it useful during outside gatherings; other exciting features include a USB slot that enables users to watch Divx Movies from their flash or external hard drives, MCI 100, Picture wizard 2.0, Clear Voice 2.0 and the Intelligent Sensor.

The TV is designed to avoid inhaling of fumes from generating sets.

Commenting on the Nigerian launch, General Manager, Home Entertainment Division, LG Electronics, Mr. Dave Shin said that the LG Battery TV has come to end the embarrassment faced by Nigerian TV viewers by solving their problem experienced as a result of the constant Power outage experienced by households and businesses in Nigeria.

Headquartered in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea, LG electronics is a Korean multinational electronics manufacturer established in 1958 as Goldstar. It later merged with another company named Lucky forming LG, they manufacture products in mobile communications, home entertainment, home appliances, air conditioning and energy solutions.

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