Zimbabwe to introduce Fibre-Optic connectivity through Namibia

Zimbabwean government’s plans of introducing fibre-connectivity through Namibia has received a boost after the officials from the two countries agreed to facilitate the process.

Namibia’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technology would open a link with Zimbabwe to get access to the West Africa Cable System (WACS) and its extension connectivity to the World Wide Web.
Nampower’s chief executive Reiner Jagau confirmed that his firm has been hired to provide the services and that it has partnered with Telecom Namibia and MTC.

Nampower offers services in network transmission via Optical Ground Wire Cable Solution (OPGW) as an earth-wire attached to the top point of transmission lines limited to embedded optical fibres. Currently, it leases part of its unused ‘dark’ fibres.
The OPGW route covers from Swakopmund to Katima Mulilo connecting to Livingstone in Zambia, on a ZESCO (Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation) transmission line.
Jagua said that at Livingstone, some of the fibres can be made available to Zimbabwe for further distribution.
Earlier on, an ICT delegation from Zimbabwe was in Ghana for the fibre-optic connectivity talks. Followiing the meeting, Zimbabwe’s Tel One and Telecom Namibia were named to directly interconnect Zimbabwe and Namibia.The move will link between Victoria Falls and Katima Mulilo.
Zimbabwe and Namibia resolved to work together in creating an optical solution.
The government efforts in ICT progression targets 2015 to have made a major progress as set by Zimbabwe National ICT Policy Framework that was unveiled in 2007.
Plans are underway to establish a suitable legislative environment conducive for investors to start business without any political, economical and social tension.
Earlier this month, Zimbabwe’s Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) adopted new laws targeting mobile operators in the country. Econet, Net One and Telecel will have to share the telecommunications infrastructure and technology before renewing their license early next year .
The Zimbabwe and Namibia Fibre-Optic project is scheduled to start early next month.

Zimbabwe’s Internet users have significantly increased over the last 3 years. In late 2000, the country had 50,000 Internet users, according to the world Internet statistics. By December last year, the number rose to about 1.4 million, which is close to a 12 percent increase.

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