KCB partners with Village Energy to offer Ugandan homes solar power

KCB Uganda and Village Energy have entered into a partnership to offer homes in Uganda solar power in what they say is aimed at cutting the dependence on thermoelectricity and fuel.

Several parts of the country are currently not supplied with electricity. There have also been recurrent fuel shortages in addition to skyrocketing fuel prices.
According to Albert Odongo, Managing Director KCB Uganda, two-thirds of households income in Uganda is spent on kerosene, a major cause of health-related hazards.

Statistics show that some 85 percent of Ugandans use kerosene for lighting, while each household uses nearly 15 percent to 20 percent of their income on fuel, Odongo said.
“We have all been affected in one way or another, as a nation by the fires that have gutted several places in the country, including schools and markets, and some of these have been associated to usage of the small kerosene lamps,” he was quoted by CAJ News as saying.

Village Energy assembles micro-home solar systems for the rural and peri-urban populations and entrepreneurs. They have been at the centre of supplying alternative power for off-grid communities.

Village Energy also agrees with Odongo’s concern but points out more harm caused by the kerosene lamps. The firm says nearly 85 percent of Ugandans use kerosene lamps to light homes adding that it is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes a day.
Abu Musuuza, director at Village Energy, praised the partnership as a sure move to address the challenges in the education sector as well as ensure environmental conservation.
“Through this initiative, I’m confident that we can make a significant positive impact to the lives of thousands of households in Uganda, despite the current global environmental and health challenges,” Musuuza was quoted saying.

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