eShop offers free software for online merchants

DiaMatrix, a South African e-commerce and IT company, has launched a new service that will see online traders access e-commerce tools at almost no cost.

The service launched recently helps e-commerce traders to add online shopping tools to their website. Not much technical knowledge is needed for this to work.

“It’s so simple, all you need to do is copy and paste code generated via eShop and paste it into your existing website, it makes it refreshingly uncomplicated and available to all SME businesses, as well as larger enterprises, online selling has never been easier,” the company said.

Their easy drag and drop functionality enables even established websites to integrate the e-commerce aspect into their pre-existing websites.

Users will be able to try out the new software by having ten products on the free account. The company also states that the free account has 90 percent functionality of the premium paid account.

Users will have the functionality of shopping carts, inventory, orders and coupons. Developers can also access the API for the e-commerce website if they want to build other products on top of the software.

Other benefits of the platform include, no set up fees, easy to implement by copy and pasting code into one’s website, secure online payments, a strong integration with social media, shipping services readily available.

DiaMatrix is confident that eShop will be the answer to reducing the cost and labour of creating e-commerce websites especially for SME’s.

The company observed that “many companies can now have an e-commerce store and sell online with real time shipping and options of local payment gateways, all businesses can now share in the profits that e-commerce has to offer.”

DiaMatrix has just made e-commerce casual and offhand to businesses in South Africa, it said.

More companies are setting up their online presence by embracing Internet tools and social media to push their products and services into the market.

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