Ghana’s e-commerce national switch to be complete by year-end

South Africa’s body responsible for monitoring the nationwide switch to smartcard payment System the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) has announced that the e-commerce window for the transformational process will be ready before the end of this year.

This will enable Ghanaian entrepreneurs to export their wares and receive payment online.
Speaking during electronic payment forum organized by member countries of the West African Monetary Zone, GhIPSS chief executive Archie Hesse said the electronic commerce project is supported by the government to reform the country’s payment system making it more transparent and reliable.
Hesse clarified that the e-commerce platform would also be available to private sector businesses to enable them to make and receive payments online, for whatever service or product they offer.
Other leaders from the members region praised Ghana’s move and urged it to exports and imports goods and services to carry out online payment services which would lead to Infrastructure and Internet penetration in the region leading to economic progress.
Hesse noted that plans are underway to ensure that the businesses in the country are able to sell their wares and receive payment online.
He further said that the system was ready and had been interfaced with government’s platform. Banks will also be linked to it making it possible for businesses to use the platform to make and receive payment online.
According to GhIPSS, once the system begins working, all foreigners willing to buy products from the country will go online and advertisements would be online.
Experts view the move as idyllic since potential clients would be able to view, make orders and payment of products online as a result minimizing costs and increasing sales.

GhIPSS was established in 2007 by Ghana’s central bank to control, develop and promote the national switch’s smartcard payment system, automated clearing house (GACH) for direct debit and credit and cheque truncation system.
Statements from the organization says a lot has been done in the e-cheque clearing, payment of salaries and other emoluments through the automated clearing house system and the e-zwich Payment Distribution System.
Hesse concluded by saying the introduction of e-commerce platform would lead to growth of business in the region. He said companies in the market advertising their products online would challenge their competitors resulting to more firms joining, thus sticking to common rules and regulations.
GhIPSS is negotiating with MasterCard and Visa to allow it to integrate the payments services.

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