Etisalat Nigeria improves service delivery using Oracle technology

Etisalat, Nigeria’s third largest telecommunications corporation, has announced it is switching to Oracle Communications Data Model on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Half Rack to increase the speed at which it analyses its growing data volume.

According to Etisalat, the switch will improve its business decision-making process, allowing it to handle network, revenue and customer management data at the same time.

The company said the switch has lowered the amount of time that aggregation and analysis of data takes place by nearly 99 percent on average, adding that it is now able to understand its diverse customer needs better.

The company is now loading call detail records in near real-time.

“Etisalat Nigeria can [now] take immediate action to prevent customer churn, deliver personalised promotions and identify and address revenue leakage sources,” the company said in a statement.

Global software giant Oracle Inc developed Oracle Communications Data Model for communications companies such as Etisalat Nigeria in line with the communication industry’s TM Forum Information Framework standard.The Nigerian company applied the model on Oracle Exadata Database Machine – a machine that presents the company with an extraordinary data warehousing performance, swift data upload and high-speed queries.

In addition to the model, Etisalat Nigeria has also upgraded to the 11g edition of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise (OBIE), saying it needed it to increase its business operations efficiency. It is also using OBIE to acquire extra insights into its various operations.

The choice of Oracle was the result of a series of competitive assessments and evaluation studies that were carried out by Etisalat Nigeria to determine the proper replacement for its legacy business intelligence, which had various shortcomings including limited functionality and performance.

Oracle Partner Network, Gold Level Partner Bluechip Technologies Ltd, Nigeria was contracted by Etisalat Nigeria to implement the switch.

While describing the implication of the technology for Etisalat Nigeria, the senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Communications, Bhaskar Gorti said: “the Oracle Communications Data Model running on Oracle Exadata provides Etisalat with a scalable and flexible solution, ensuring it remains competitive and maintains its position as a leading communications provider in the region.”

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