Xbox Music launched by Microsoft to rival Apple iTunes

After Microsoft’s “failed” Microsoft Zune business, the tech giant has unveiled Microsoft Xbox Music, viewed as capable of going head-to-head with rival Apple’s iTunes.

Xbox Music will be available on Xbox 360 from today, ahead of the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices later this month.

The Xbox Music will not be available on Windows Phone 7 or Windows 7, though users will be able to keep using the older service, Zune Music, according to reports.

In a statement, Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, said that the launch of Xbox Music is a milestone in simplifying digital music on every type of device and on a global scale.

Mattrick said: “We’re breaking down the walls that fracture your music experiences today to ensure that music is better and integrated across the screens that you care about most — your tablet, PC, phone and TV.”

The new music service from Microsoft will have a 30 million-song catalogue that will challenge the famous subscription music service Spotify, as well as Apple’s iTunes, given the size of its catalogue, reports say.

Customers who use Windows 8 and Windows RT devices will have free streaming. Those using the Xbox and Windows Phones will have the ability to purchase an Xbox Music Pass for US$9.99.

The Xbox Music store will also offer users a service similar to Apple iTunes allowing them to select the songs they want to purchase.

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