Solar firm in Nigeria woos Swiss manufacturer of UPS to invest in energy sector

Solar energy solutions firm Powercell Limited has announced a partnership with Newave Energy, a Swiss manufacturer of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) gadgets, to bring massive investments into Nigeria’s budding renewable energy sub-sector.

Powercell’s managing director Tayo Balogun said the partnership would attract an investment whose value exceeds $2 million within the next 14 months in Nigeria.

“Two weeks ago, we signed an agreement with a company in Swiss called Newave Energy, which was recently acquired by the ABB Group. In May this year, there was a merger and acquisition where the ABB Group acquired Newave and both companies are Swiss companies,” he said.

“Our own agreement was signed in May and about two weeks ago, we were given a nod to sell, maintain and promote Newave products in Nigeria. There are only two of us representing the company in the sub-Saharan Africa and the second company is actually based in South Africa.”

According to Balogun, UPS manufactured by Newave Energy SA belong to the category of globally reputable Swiss products that are known to be reliable, durable and of outstanding quality – considering that Newave Energy has been manufacturing UPS for more than two decades.

Balogun further mentioned the recent merger of Newave Energy with ABB Group of companies and its implication to the partnership.

“Recently, Newave was acquired by ABB Group of Companies, another giant in the world power industry. With about 20 years of manufacturing experience in UPS by Newave Energy and 120 years of quality power products by ABB, customers not only save money and protect their capital investment, but also have lower energy usage and protect the environment,” he said.

Commenting on the impact of UPS technology to the Nigerian user, Balogun said that a lot of money is spent by Nigerian companies to acquire data centres, which are often supported by substandard UPS.

“At the end of the day, they lose a lot of information and the effect is loss of money,’’ he said.

Following the partnership, small businesses, individuals and small scale enterprises using low capacity UPS, and bigger companies such as industries, retail and commercial computing, telecommunication or others who require high-end user UPS, will be able to procure UPS gadgets “stress free in Nigeria.”

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