Framework One opts to give African businesses cloud-based services

Businesses in Africa have a chance to reduce their software costs by buying into cloud-based services. Framework One, a startup in South Africa is heading this change with brand new products.

Founded in 2008, Framework One was aimed to give more businesses automation for their systems and business processes using the power of the cloud.

Nicky Lundin, Marketing Specialist at Framework One, talked to HumanIPO about the company’s goals in the present future.

“Our focus is on automating our client’s business processes to ensure they can rapidly deliver high quality cost effective products/ services.  We are able to maintain a high level of scalability whilst decreasing your overall expenditure by understanding and applying cloud computing principles,” Lundin said.

The company already has 10 live systems they have installed for their clients and they have several thousand users in between them. They have developed innovative products for their clients including MyMoola, a personal finance system, LoanX which is a loan exchange platform launching soon, amongst many other products.

Cloud business is a new concept in Africa and more companies and individuals are gradually tilting towards having services hosted in the system. The clear move embracing the 3G and 4G internet access in Africa is working as a catalyst to enhance cloud systems.

In a report appearing on ARSTechnica, Africa is a breeding ground for cloud-based system with the apparent lack of infrastructure.

“Those very challenges make Africa an increasingly attractive proving ground for cloud computing, though, especially for mobile applications. Out of the one billion people in Africa, only an estimated 140 million use the Internet, but over 600 million use mobile phones, according to data from the World Bank,” the report says.

Lundin agrees with this, “Africa is the ideal place to have business run their systems in the cloud instead of traditional server rooms.”

The company recently made a presentation at the inaugural Demo-Africa where they interested potential partners in their business systems.

The company is currently profitable with their eyes set on other African business who want to automate their business solutions and systems.

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