Libon from Orange new free communication tool

French mobile operator Orange has released the Libon app, offering free worldwide texting and calling, as well as ‘funny’ voices.

The application challenges some of the existing communication apps and programs like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. TuMe by Telefonica and Bobsled by Deutsche Telekom are similar existing applications.

Libon offers subscribers one hour in call time monthly to 31 countries in the world.

The app is available for free in basic mode and comes at extra cost for Premium. Premium extras include text transcriptions in voicemails, a wide range of serious or funny voices that can redirect your e-mail, text transcriptions of voice messages as well as a variety of greetings.

The 2.0.0 version of 15.8 MB is downloadable from the Apple appstore for Android and smartphones.

One of the unique features on the application is an address book that combines the user’s contacts from Twitter, Facebook and Gmail together with mobile contacts.

“The situation is really simple – either you deliver the most compelling service or your users switch to something else. What’s the alternative? We want to be in there,” Giles Corbett, Libon Application Developer at Orange told Reuters in an interview.p>

The newly launched application boasts a popularity of 10,064 likes on Facebook and 1,953 followers on Twitter.

The application supports three languages, namely Spanish, French and English.

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