McAfee returns to United States

Fugitive software tycoon John McAfee, who was arrested in Guatemala after fleeing a murder investigation in Belize, has been deported back to the United States.

McAfee, wanted in Belize for questioning over the murder of his neighbour, arrived in Miami on Wednesday night. 

Federal agents greeted McAfee when he exited the plane and helped him through immigration and customs. Passengers on board his flight said they were prevented from leaving the plane while McAfee, who they said looked tired and dishevelled, was taken away.

McAfee had spoken on Tuesday about his desire to return to the United States following his arrest in Guatemala for illegally entering the country.

The United States does, however, have an extradition treaty with Belize and it seems likely Belizean authorities will ask him to return for questioning. McAfee claims he is being victimised because of opposing corruption in the country, something the authorities deny.

“I don’t want to be unkind to the gentleman, but I believe he is extremely paranoid. I would go so far as to say bonkers,” the Belize prime minister, Dean Barrow, said after McAfee fled the country for Guatemala. “He ought to man up and respect our laws and go in and talk to the police.”

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