Q&A: Amir Markish, developer of TFSRadio Nigeria app

tfsRadio Nigeria gives users access to a variety of stations and allows them to record, play music and stream news broadcasted by radio stations across Nigeria from anywhere in the world.

HumanIPO spoke to its developer, Amir Markish, who has published more than 112 apps, from Israel on tfsRadio Nigeria, which has more than 10,000 users across the world.

HumanIPO: When and how was the decision to start tfsRadio Nigeria taken?

As time goes by, more people acquire smartphones on Nigeria. We saw this as a great opportunity to fill the missing spot.

How many users currently use the app?

There’s more than 10,000 downloads both on iPhone and Android.

How many channels did you start with, and which ones do you intend to add?

We started with less than five stations, but soon enough users sent requests to our tech support to add their favorite stations. A feature of the app is that it allows users to send mails within the application straight to our Quality Assurance Manager, Dima, who will verify each station and add it quickly over the air.

How do you go about partnering with the local channels?

There’s no need for partnering with local channels as long use stands with terms of “fair use”.

What is the business plan for tfsRadio Nigeria?

Monetisation, by selling advertising spaces, we can make profit of one to four cent for each user.

Why Nigeria, out of other African countries?

Nigeria was the first one to be active on Apple app store. We realised it’s a growing market.

What other African countries will soon get their own TFS Radio app?

We sure do plan to release more apps after market research and data mining.

How soon will that be?

Can’t tell.

How are you promoting, or plan to promote the app among Nigerians?

First we make sure it is the best app. Because we have first dibs on the appstore/market, we can make sure viral infection (people telling other people) will do the job for now.

What should the app users expect in 2013, what new features are they going to enjoy?

We are planning to refresh graphics, then add extra details for each station such as logo, genre and time schedule.

What sort of recognition has the app enjoyed?

We have a stable download number and we get many thanks! This is the best revenue we could think of, to connect people home.

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