Microsoft’s Outlook.com experiences technical difficulties

Microsoft’s Outlook.com experiences technical difficulties

Microsoft has reportedly fixed a technical issue which blocked some users from accessing their emails through Outlook.com, but syncing email with mobile devices is still an unresolved problem.

According to Microsoft, the Outlook.com problem had been resolved yesterday, more than seven hours after the problem was first identified. Some users had been locked out of their email accounts.

However, Microsoft’s status server site said today: “There’s a problem with Outlook right now. You might have issues syncing email with your mobile device.”

Some Outlook users were unable to retrieve files stored on Microsoft’s SkyDrive, but this issue has since been resolved.

Microsoft attributed the problem to an unexplained incident and only a small number of people were reportedly affected.

According to a report by News24, a small number of affected Outlook users would still translate to millions of people being inconvenienced, as Microsoft has more than 400 million Outlook accounts.

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