Namibian government to offer free Internet to schools

The Namibian government has announced plans to have institutions of higher learning, state schools and health centres within the country access free Internet starting May 15th.

Namibia’s Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MITC), Joël Kaapanda, revealed the plans stating Telecom Namibia had since developed its telephone line infrastructure and wireless technology to meet the schedule.

He added that Internet use would be free unless blocked by the instructions.

The initiative that aims at benefitting business and private individuals will see a significant drop in the cost of Internet. For state-owned premises, Internet access will be free for everyone on the premises.

The project however faces major challenges including lack of electricity and computer equipment by the institutions.

The minister was quick to respond that his ministry would make computers accessible to every Namibian child.

The plan follows a US$37.5 million project initiated by the government to improve Internet access in Namibia.

World Economic Forum 2012 report show Namibia as one of the worst performing countries when it comes to using ICT to promote development. The report that measured how countries take advantage of ICTs and other new technologies to increase their growth and well being ranked Namibia at 105 out of 142 countries.

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