New Year resolution to reality: An app fills the gap

As the festive cheer fades and reality has to be faced again, you have the opportunity to start a clean, new page. And there are handy apps to help you achieve your New Year’s goals, whatever they may be. Picking out the most common New Year’s resolutions, HumanIPO debates the likeliness of success in the search for victory over vice.

Diet riot

They say it is not about what you eat between Christmas and New Year, but between New Year and Christmas. Everyone has had this one at some point in their life: the get-fit, get-thin and get-toned gym-related resolution. If you want to start with the bites, the Lose It! meal tracking application prescribing daily body mass index (BMI) based on calorie intake might be attractive.

Calorie intake is adjusted as you enter your weight progress. At first thought quite neat, but will you really type in every bite you have for the entire year until your favourite jeans fit?

Noom Weight Loss Coach tracks your exercise and daily activities too, as well as advising on healthy choices. This might also improve your lifestyle with time management and lead to a more balanced daily routine.

More mingle, less single

Maybe you are tired of the single life and you have decided this year will not be a success if you do not have a special someone in your life to make it more magical. Flames app allows you to calculate your compatibility with any potential suitors with the assistance of a relationship metre. This does seem a bit like a fantasy-based operation, however it may serve to boost your confidence that your date really is the one for you.

Pair allows you to maintain a long-distance relationship through a personal timeline, enabling you to keep track of your love’s life. It is almost like a customised Facebook feed, and quite a handy tool when it comes to keeping your partner in the loop. The app even has a thumb kiss feature for long-distance intimacy.

Drop the addiction

They say every person has their own guilty little sinful pleasures, but when you know there is a better way to go, why not reward yourself with something more holistic than an addiction? For smokers, Quitter is a motivational app that keeps track of how many days it has been since your last cigarette and also tells you how much money you have saved.

SmokeOut also adds the option of social media sharing and the indication of how many years you have added to your life by quitting smoking.

Green is the way to go

For those wanting to be greener and cleaner, iRecycle provides practical tips, indicates recycling depots and informs the user of related news. Greenmeter tracks your car’s fuel efficiency, while Ecorio calculates your carbon footprint by the way in which you move around. These are likely to promote a greener lifestyle without too much effort, though constant notifications might get irritating if you are not too serious about it.

Appsolutely organised

LifeTopix helps you with time management, planning and diarising by guiding your daily schedule. A grid of twelve divisions, including education, travel, home, health and projects, gives you easy access to all the aspects of your life without the flustered feeling.

Moola management

To work on your spending skills, budgeting is made easier with apps like Best Budget, which keeps track of your finances as you enter income and expenses. This is much easier than writing it down, although discipline is still required.

The question is, now that you have those on your phone and at your disposal, how much will it increase the chances of you keeping true to your intention? The key to change is still daily discipline, so a healthy dose of commitment might make this desired change come true. However, help is just an app away, so go for it today.

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