Vodafone Ghana addresses complaints on latest Internet bundle plans

Vodafone Ghana has clarified the rationale behind its latest fixed broadband (FBB) bundles, which customers complain was introduced without prior notification.

The network giant described it as a revamped service that allows its customers to choose from a range of Internet bundles that best suit their lifestyles.

But since the company introduced the bundles, lots of debate had been generated from customers’ complaints which included the non-existence of notification, abrupt disconnection, and a cost increase that is unjustified due to lack of improvement in the quality of service.

Many subscribers have been calling on the company to revert to the old plan which charged subscribers for Internet speed rather than data usage.

Tara Squire, Vodafone’s Head of Consumer Marketing, said: “Some consumers as well as businesses were accessing over a 750GB of data per month as compared to the 7GB consumed by a majority of the home use customers. This distribution of bandwidth was unfair to the home user as it degraded their internet experience.

“There is a fixed broadband package which offers an unlimited service specifically designed for high data consumption.”

He added the company took several steps to fully prepare and inform customers on the new bundles.

“Existing fixed broadband customers received text messages to inform them about the imminent revisions. This was followed up by a call to all customers giving specific details of the changes to their terms and conditions.  Business customers were called personally to inform them of the changes. Those who did not want to be migrated onto the new business package were given the option to remain on the consumer package with the revised internet allowances,” he said.

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