Google Glasses hacking event announced

Google has finally released dates for its Google Glasses hacking events, but there is still no sign of when a commercial product will be made available.

The glasses, equipped with video recording, weather updates and message reception, were released at Google’s annual developer conference in 2012, demonstrated by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

Attendees were able to pre-order the developer edition of Google’s Project Glass, priced at US$1,500.

The web giant has invited all who signed up for the developer edition of the Project Glass wearable computing device to developer events in San Francisco on January 28-9 and in New York on February 1-2.

The programme will kick off with an introduction to glass, while the second day will focus on the Mirror API that “exchanges data and interacts with the user over REST”, the Google+ post said.

Developers will have the chance to showcase their work, while Google engineers will assist readily. A panel of guest judges will also provide feedback.

“We’re looking forward to what developers will do with Glass, but we don’t have more details to share at this time,” a Google spokesperson said.

Despite the upcoming events, a release date for the product is still unknown.

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