Nigerian government will benefit from better policies on broadband penetration – Main One

Main One, a broadband cable company, has declared the Nigerian government stands to benefit from broadening its policies on broadband penetration in Nigeria and will attract more private organisations to the country.

Funke Opeke, Main One’s Chief Executive, was speaking at a special event celebrating and evaluating its three years in business.

According to Opeke, major activities that revealed broadband as a potent economy booster were championed by private investors. She highlighted the visionary investment in landing submarine broadband cable from Portugal to the shores of Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries.

Concerning her company’s role, Opeke said: “Main One has actually had an impact and made significant contribution to the broadband access in the country although we have not done as much as we would have liked, due to some challenges.”

A major challenge she noted is on last mile deployment to enable people.

She said: “We have boosted the broadband lives of people in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos even at great cost. Our vision is to see that at least the schools, health sector and even all the local governments in the country are wired and connected for best broadband experience.

”We will continue to drum the importance of development of road and access for a better economy.”

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