MWEB respond to Telkom’s major price cut

MWEB has bit back in the growing South African ADSL price war started by Telkom last week by undercutting their part state-owned rival by R10 on its throttled uncapped products.

HumanIPO reported last week that Telkom was slashing some prices by almost 50 percent in a surprise move to come into play on Friday.

Telkom’s biggest price reductions were for the higher-speed connections where a 4Mbit/s uncapped service will cost R369 (US$41) a month, down from R699. A 10Mbit/s line will be R699 a month, rather than R1,399.

The only concessions given by MWEB are by providing new 2Mbps (Data Only: R239 per month and Data plus ADSL line: R449 per month) and 4Mbps (Data Only R359 per month and Data plus ADSL lineL R689 per month) services for R10 cheaper than Telkom.

Derek Hershaw, Chief Executive of MWEB ISP, said: “Whilst MWEB has always promoted an unthrottled, uncapped connection as being the best way to experience the Internet, we have recognised that there is some demand for cheaper, throttled Uncapped accounts and have therefore extended our product range to cater for this.”

MWEB have kept the same pricing on its unthrottled 1Mbps Premium Uncapped ADSL, which is R199 per month for data only and R339 per month for an ADSL line as well.

Their 1Mbps service is unthrottled, while its new 2Mbps and 4Mbps services are throttled which mean price increases will take place once a certain data usage is met.

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