Real bionic man with organs unveiled in British Science Museum

An artificial pancreas, kidney and functional blood circulatory system are among the features of the world’s first bionic man.

Rex, short for robotic exoskeleton, is two metres tall and cost almost £640,000 (US$1 million) to build. His hi-tech frame is supplemented with artificial limbs and organs from around the world.

The project was commissioned for a UK Channel 4 documentary, How To Build A Bionic Man, featuring Swiss social psychologist Bertolt Meyer, who was born without a left hand and has a £30,000 bionic replacement, reported the Daily Mail.

Meyer said: “I’ve looked around for new bionic technologies, out of personal interest, for a very long time and I think that until five or six years ago nothing much was happening.

“Then suddenly we are now at a point where we can build a body that is great and beautiful in its own special way.”

Clare Matterson, Director of Medical Humanities and Engagement at the Wellcome Trust People Award charity, said: “Throughout history people have always sought to enhance themselves to overcome disabilities or to become ‘bigger, better, stronger and faster.

“Science is making aspirations and even fantasy ever more possible. We only have to look back at last summer’s Paralympics to see how transforming technology has become.”

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