Al-Shabaab orders Somalia internet switchoff

Al-Shabaab orders Somalia internet switchoff

CC image courtesy of John Martinez Pavliga.

The Al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia has ordered telecoms companies in the country to stop providing internet connection, threatening those that fail to do so with serious consequences.

In a message posted on the Facebook page of Andalus radio station, which the militia group is managing, it issued a 15-day ultimatum for the telecoms companies to effect the disconnection.

Al-Shabaab said: “The mujahidin has ordered all telecommunication companies supplying the internet connectivity to stop it with immediate effect.”

The group further stated the order applies across the whole of Somalia, with internet access currently only available in areas under the control of the Somali government, which is yet to make any comment on Al-Shabaab’s latest statement.

It is not clear what the consequences will be for the telecoms companies if they refuse to comply with the order.

This is not the first the time the group has attempted to control technology, especially internet access, having recently placed a ban on the use of smartphones in areas the group controls due to the fear of drone attacks.

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