Nigeria can generate $250bn in 5 years from ICT – Zinox

Nigeria can generate $250bn in 5 years from ICT – Zinox

Nigeria can generate over US$250 billion from ICT if the government invests US$1 billion in the training of 10 million Nigerians in technology, Leo Stan Ekeh, chairman of Zinox Group, has said.

Ekeh said the investment would drive technological development and advance economic opportunities for the country, with investment in technology education in Nigeria currently low.

“If government for instance, invests in one million laptops with internet connectivity in schools, it will go a long way in driving technology development among students,” he said.

“If a student takes his laptop home, the priority of the family changes, because they too could have access to the computer. Research among them will become easier and they will be exposed to business opportunities on the internet, such that by the time they leave school, they become self dependent and even grow to become employers of labour, generating huge money for themselves and for the economy.”

By investing in technology education, he said Nigerian youths would be empowered to generate income from the tech industry.

“For instance South Africa consumes close to 1.2 million computers yearly, but Nigeria is consuming less than 500,000 in a year, yet our population size is triple theirs,” he said.

“Today we see mega deals taking place online in other countries, and there are free applications on the internet, from where software practitioners could code software programmes that will solve social challenges in the society. If every student has a laptop with internet connectivity, they could sit at home or in schools to develop software solutions that will boost the fortunes of the country.”

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