Q&A: Emmanuel Tolulope, founder, Termii.com

Q&A: Emmanuel Tolulope, founder, Termii.com

Termii.com is Nigeria’s newest social business online cloud network, which serves as a platform for organising and connecting with journals, businesses, friends, updates, clients, jobs, events, campaigns and lifestyle. Emmanuel Tolulope, founder of the platform, spoke to HumanIPO about the project, aimed at creating a platform that allows users to manage personal, social and business environment without the headache of multiple accounts.

HumanIPO: What is Termii.com all about?

Tolulope: Termii.com is a social business online cloud network. It is not like the usual social networks you have around but it’s a platform for organising and connecting with journals, businesses, friends, updates, clients, jobs, events, campaigns and lifestyle. The aim is to create a platform that allows you create a platform or hub for managing your personal, social and business environment without the headache of multiple accounts. I said “platform” because we aim at accommodating third-party apps in other to achieve this with a touch of personal cloud tech, storage disks and social sharing functionality.

Termii breaks the limit of the usual social discovery service that most networks in Africa possess and stretches it to accommodate business, entrepreneurial activities, journalism and campaign related functionality such as voting systems, video advertising, products showcase, virtual office management, portfolio archiving and whatever you want Termii to achieve for you.

Why is it unique?

Sincerely we don’t brag just three things that stand out from the usual online networking features, and can outwit any current social business network. Our hub system brings together the entire network in one spot and makes online networking easy and beautiful. Our virtual office management system serves a dual purpose for managing both corporate organizations and campaigns. Our voting system and creative platform for announcing products, campaigns, users, jobs and individual contents all round our network and other social networks.

Termii goes beyond just a network with streams of contents, rather, it’s a network of people exploring and sharing social, business and personal contents. We don’t just make friends connect; our desire is to make them collaborate, expand and innovate. Our aim is individual and corporate progress that’s why we prefer cloud. This technology helps you connect, collaborate, share and manage your work environment with the convenience of uniformity.

Who are your targeted users?

Students, office workers, stay at home mums, analysts and media personnel and organisations that are into campaign, product and brand promotion.

Target locations: Africa (with large penetration in the west and east), North America (particularly US) and Asia (particularly India)

The site still shows beta phase info, how long has it been in beta?

Since January. The simple reason is we did a pre-launch survey and people made comments which we addressed. We just received a licence to operate by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), so we are wrapping up the beta phase this month and entering out first stage launch period from April.

How many users do you intend to get before December?

For the first launch period we are looking at recording 1,000+ users (April/May), which we would use to begin the first four months after official launch (June-September) and we are looking at 200,000+ at the end of the first four months. Then at the end of eight months which would be December/January we are looking at recording 800,000+.

Our strategy team did these estimations using worst case scenarios.

What is the business model for monetisation?

We have a no page ad policy but the majority of our funds would come from Termii-user transactions while our ad system would be different.

We are looking at content advertising, in-app purchases, sponsored contents, fixed subscriptions, and content sales.

After securing the CAC license, what’s next for Termii?

Now that we have that, we have decided to bring an end to our beta phase and start our first stage launch in April. We would fully open our servers to some targeted regions and allow registration we would also release our version 1.0 Android app to the public after which we would implement some strategic campaigns.

For second stage launch we are planning a hackathon and also release of our HTML 5 mobile version and version 1.1 of our Android app. This won’t be too long after our first release.

But all in all we want to move swiftly.

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