Garmin calls for business partners in West Africa

Garmin calls for business partners in West Africa

Garmin Southern Africa has announced it is hosting a trade delegation in Accra, Ghana on May 12-16 to engage with prospective businesses partners in West Africa who have strong distribution and reselling capabilities and a proven track record of successfully furthering brands into their designated markets.

In a statement, Garmin said: “With global annual revenues of over US$2.5 billion and a presence in 54 territories around the globe, Garmin has sold over 100 million products sold worldwide, and we have realised that it is important to have the right mix of channel partners, products and tools available in each territory to provide product support.

“The extensive ranges of products serve many industries including Marine, Outdoor, Automotive, Sports and Wellness. Garmin’s products or tools are suited to developing economies where infrastructure requirements are extensive and mapping out of new boundaries, roads, waypoints are key to the countries expansion.”

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