SABLE Accelerator looks to connect SA startups with growth opportunities

SABLE Accelerator looks to connect SA startups with growth opportunities

The SABLE (South African Business Link to Experts) Accelerator, a global network of expat South African consultants, investors and domain experts based in Silicon Valley, has partnered with Powerlinx to allow South African companies to quickly identify and engage with local and global growth opportunities.

“The goal of the agreement is to more rapidly commercialise innovation, attract foreign investment, and develop global markets,” SABLE said.

The company will be integrating Powerlinx’s business-to-business matchmaking platform into its website.

“SABLE is applying disruptive innovation and ‘radical efficiency’ to a business development and alliance building process that is typically complex, costly and time-intensive for businesses and new venture startups,” the company said.

Numerous South African companies are involved in the Powerlinx’s pilot project, including GoMetro, CapeRay, wiGroup and InnovUS.

“We’ll be empowering South African companies to be more self-directed and effective in global partnering and international market access by enabling them to seamlessly find, connect and act on verified opportunities to grow their businesses globally,” said Donovan Neale-May, SABLE’s managing partner.

“Most companies, including the 230 million that make up the global business market, do not have an effective, trusted online platform to automate business partnering, alliance building and organic and inorganic growth,” said Doron Cohen, chief executive officer (CEO) of Powerlinx.

“They continue to work within inefficient, tedious and expensive processes for research and outreach, along with hiring of outside bankers and brokers, to fulfill their expansion goals.”

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