Kenya Defence Forces Twitter account hacked by Anonymous

Kenya Defence Forces Twitter account hacked by Anonymous

The official Twitter account of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has been hacked and has begun tweeting anti-corruption, anti-tribalism and anti-poaching messages while also criticising the country’s elected officials, with the Anonymous group claiming responsibility.

The account was hacked this morning, with a Tweet telling followers the KDF account is “under new management”, and Anonymous claiming the hack.

New Tweets are appearing multiple times per hour, criticising the government of Kenya, calling the president and vice-president “criminals”, pledging to weed out corruption, denouncing tribalism, and inciting “revolution”.

The new account managers also tell the president and vice-president to “piss off”, and call for prison sentences for both through the action of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The newly managed account is gaining traction, with the hackers claiming the account saw more than 1,000 per cent growth in its follower numbers in the first few hours after the hacking.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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