Failure to digitise holding back Kenyan economy – Ndemo

Kenya’s previous government should have digitised every registry, with the failure to do so now holding back the economy, according to Dr Bitange Ndemo, the outgoing permanent secretary at the ex-Ministry of Information and Communication.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Ndemo revealed the lack of digital records and systems within government is a hindrance to efficient work, and the last government should have done more in this regard.

“We did what we could but if we had the resources, we should have digitised every registry in government. We still are held back by bureaucracy and delays in procurement. We need to change this,” Ndemo said.

Of particular importance, government should work on introducing digital payment systems to boost the economy by facilitating simple payments.

Digital payments would also achieve a more secure financial environment across the country.

“I have said before that research shows that if we implemented digital payments throughout the economy, the government would raise as much as 80 per cent of tax collection in new revenue,” Ndemo said.

“This will close all the loopholes and enable the government to raise money to implement development projects.”

According to Ndemo, a secure and operational digital payment system could prompt more investment across Kenya’s economy, and in turn lead to quicker development.

“More investments would lead to more jobs and better security. This is how we can fuel development from our own resources,” he said.

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