eBay to launch Google Glass apps

eBay is developing applications for Google Glass to expand its broader commercial activities through wearable technology.

Placing its hope in Google Glass as the next big mobile platform, eBay aims to make an early app-based appearance on this platform.

HumanIPO reported last month on Google Glass’s API release for developers.

eBay already offers shopper-aimed mobile apps which enables price checking via smartphone camera shots.

Known as showrooming, this service bridges the gap between physical shopping and online purchase.

Amanda Miller, spokeswoman at eBay, told Reuters: “eBay Inc is participating in the beta of Google Glass and we are exploring the various use-case scenarios.”

Google Glass also revealed a set of six glass-based apps, featuring video recording, message access and online shopping.

Social media apps for Twitter and Facebook are also on the announced apps list.

New Ventures Group, the innovative wing of eBay, is taking part in the Google Glass trial programme.

The trial is run by former mobile executive at eBay Steve Yankovich.

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