BIO-key biometric tech implemented for Nigerian SIM registration

SW Global, an IT services provider in Africa, is implementing BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric technology as part of the Nigerian SIM card registration programme, targeting the more than 110 million SIM cards in use.

The programme, under the umbrella of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has classified and biometrically enrolled the purchasers of over 110 million SIM cards, making it one of the largest biometric identity management projects in the world.

The goal of the SIM card registration process is to combat fraud and criminal activity through securing the identity of subscribers and associating their data with mobile phone numbers, therefore providing a secure database.

Unregistered SIM cards have been used in perpetrating fraudulent acts and other crimes without a means of tracing the activity back to the responsible party.

BIO-key’s fingerprint technology automates the detection of multiple identity holders, and ensures a permanent physical connection of every person to a single identity.

Eugene Juwah, executive vice chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the NCC, at a recent Security Summit convened by the Office of National Security Advisor, said, “In making further analysis and consultations, the Commission became very convinced that registration of Sim Cards with full biometric identity of every subscriber in the network will go a long way in assisting the security agencies to fight crimes against lives and properties.

“SIM card registration also provides a good opportunity for the nation to accelerate the achievement of a national registry of its Citizens which has eluded this nation for a long time.”

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