Most Nigerian job sites are not mobile friendly – Tayo Olufuwa

The co-founder of the Jobs In Nigeria website and apps, Tayo Olufuwa, has told HumanIPO most job sites in the country are not well optimised for mobile users.

Olufuwa said this is stifling job seekers because the majority of them in Nigeria search for employment on their mobile.

To tackle this anomaly, he said Jobs In Nigeria was launched to bring all job postings on various job sites on a single mobile optimised platform.

“What we do is we get all the jobs and we crawl, aggregate and present in readable format so that people can search for jobs,” Olufuwa told HumanIPO.

“So that instead of visiting sites that are not mobile enabled, they can get all the jobs on our platform and they can apply directly.”

On the issue of authenticity of job postings, he said though it is difficult to confirm all postings, Jobs In Nigeria is using several means to ensure that jobs on the platform are authentic.

Olufuwa said: “We don’t just crawl any job blog like that, we look at trusted job blogs, talk to them and we crawl their job postings.

“We also try and verify in the little way we can. For instance, if you are a recruiter, we don’t expect you to be using a Gmail or Yahoo! account although some use, but we still verify. We try and send an e-mail and call to verify.”

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