Technology giants’ rivalry: Apple to replicate Google’s project glass

Apple and Google have been eyeballing each other’s contribution towards headgear technology. The announcement of Google’s Project Glass, which allows the user to see virtually-enhanced, images (Augmented Reality). The wearable display has an integrated finger-tracking input sensor.

Apple has developed a similar piece of technology, which covers a variety of head mounted display technology implementations. Apples patent will allow users to make individual adjustments to the device.

Video and image information could be received from a portable external source, which can divide the images into one frame for each eye.

Google on the other hand, has granted a patent for its eye-directed glass technology in June.

Select developers will be able to sample early prototypes of the Google wearable computing solutions. Mass availability is scheduled for sometime during 2014.

The competition is tough, and many technology enthusiasts and experts alike are on lookout for further developments.

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