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Latest testimonials from entrepreneurs

  • from Leonard to David Owino

    "David was more than inspirational last year especially when we did not have enough confidence to pull through the start ups. We are grateful and look forward to an awesome year ahead."

  • from Tendai Sean Joe to Igor Hobotov

    "I love this user interface! Looks amazing"

  • from Leonard to Brian Carl Brown

    "Brian has made us think deeply and pay more attention to details. We can't thank him enough.

    Thanks Brian"

Help entrepreneurs build their company by giving online feedback, connecting them to the right people and maybe investing in them. A Rainmaker is not necessarily a serial entrepreneur with 3 companies behind him, most professionals with strong industry expertise can be of great benefit for an entrepreneur targeting a specific industry. Our goal is to match you with entrepreneurs that can benefit from your expertise and industry insight.

Beside helping entrepreneurs create a new great business, we will be doing what we can to give you exposure that hopefully will benefit you as a ‘business’. The entrepreneurs have an option to give you a testimonial that will be posted on your profile, plus a number of other features are in the making that will elevate your profile and personal brand on HumanIPO.

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