• Thu, January 15th, 13:16 ·

    Availability of low-cost smartphones will increase in 2015 – A4AI

    The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) has predicted that availability of low-cost smartphones will increase in 2015. The alliance in its list of predictions for the expansion of global broadband access in 2015 said it also expects National broadband plans across emerging markets will become more comprehensive and focus on lowering costs. → Read more

  • Mon, January 12th, 13:00 ·

    E-commerce, data-driven apps would would attract much investments this year – BudgIT

    An expert believes e-commerce startups and data-driven apps would attract much investment in 2015. → Read more

  • Thu, January 8th, 11:00 ·

    Price a hindering factor to 4G uptake in Rwanda – retailers

    Following the launch few months ago of 4G in Rwanda, retailers have said the uptake of the service would be largely dependent on the price the providers and others are charging for the service. → Read more

  • Tue, December 23rd, 11:03 ·

    The startup community in Mozambique is very weak – Kande

    The startup community in Mozambique has been described as weak as stakeholders look forward to a better industry in 2015. In an interview with HumanIPO, Erick Kande, CEO and co-Founder of Escola Online, said a number of partnerships have been signed that could put Mozambique on the global startups map. → Read more

  • Tue, December 9th, 14:00 ·

    Who will bring in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity to Africa?

    Three years after Emirates launched in-flight WiFi connectivity, over 500,000 passengers have accessed the World Wide Web. But in most African countries, airlines and regulatory agencies are still reluctant to add internet connectivity to permissible, available and accessible bouquet of services in the continent's airspace. → Read more

  • Tue, December 2nd, 13:01 ·

    #ISurvivedEbola multimedia campaign launched

    A new #ISurvivedEbola multimedia campaign that features Ebola survivors from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea sharing their stories and perspectives with the world has been launched. The campaign is being supported as part of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s broader #TackleEbola initiative into which Allen has promised $100 million to support organizations working to end the Ebola outbreak. → Read more

  • Mon, December 1st, 10:00 ·

    How tech startups in Africa can help the fight against HIV/AIDS

    More than 70% of people living with HIV are in Africa, the continent is also responsible for over 90% of children living with the virus. In 2012 alone, about 1 million deaths due to HIV were recorded. → Read more

  • Tue, November 25th, 11:00 ·

    Feature: Fake websites the strongest threat for ecommerce in Africa

    In several African countries, ecommerce is on the horizon and citizens are beginning to open their arms to embrace the virtual-world-made-real community. But although mode of payment, accessibility and education of prospective online shoppers are seen as major setbacks, the increasing interest of cyber criminals in the multibillion dollar ecommerce sector poses more harm than other threats put together. → Read more

  • Fri, November 14th, 10:01 ·

    Guest Post: African ICT must seize opportunity

    In this guest post for HumanIPO, Ayanda Dlamini, Business Development Manager at LGR Telecommunications notes that as the next big frontier for market growth, Africa is rich with potential. But African businesses have been slow to capitalise on this, and stand to lose out to foreign players. → Read more

  • Wed, November 5th, 10:00 ·

    Guest Post: Peter Eigen, founder, Transparency International

    In addition to his roles as founder of Transparency International, Peter Eigen is also a Trustee of the Millicom Foundation, a new organisation set up to invest in social innovators with digital ideas using a US$10m annual budget. In this HumanIPO exclusive op-ed, he shares what the foundation is doing - including its support of application of digital tools to make significant changes. → Read more

  • Wed, October 29th, 12:00 ·

    Feature: Online football betting on the rise in Nigeria

    Few years ago, Nigerians only watched football matches of the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A. The only times they saw online betting were on the jerseys of some football teams. And for those that still wanted to bet, they had to fill long pages of paper to play what is known as 'pool'. → Read more

  • Wed, October 15th, 14:00 ·

    FEATURE: Startups yet to fully tap into Nigeria’s real estate sector

    At the recently held DEMO Africa 201[4, Owolabi Olatunji, the chief executive officer (CEO) of hutbay, a new real estate marketplace in Nigeria pitched his Lagos Angel Network-supported startup to investors and potential partners. → Read more

  • Mon, October 13th, 17:00 ·

    OPINION: Is Kenya’s digital switch on course?

    What will happen on June 17, 2015? This will be the last day for the switch off of the analogue television signals worldwide. In 2006, Kenya and other countries across the Globe signed a treaty agreement at the conclusion of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regional Radio Communication Conference in Geneva, a treaty that signaled the development of all digital terrestrial broadcast services. → Read more

  • Fri, August 29th, 13:00 ·

    Q&A: Charles Ifedi, CEO, Verve International

    Verve is currently the most widely used payment card in Nigeria, with 18 million of the country’s 25 million payment cards Verve branded; while 19 out of the 21 Nigerian banks issue Verve cards, in addition to microfinance banks (MFBs) and mobile money operators. HumanIPO spoke to Charles Ifedi, chief executive officer of Verve International on what the company and its partners are doing for app developers in Nigeria and the epayment sub-sector. → Read more

  • Thu, August 21st, 10:00 ·

    Q&A : Timothy Stranex, BitX

    Despite the lack of awareness and mistrust, Bitcoin is becoming popular in Africa, and Kenya now has another entrant, Bit X. HumanIPO caught up with Bit X’s Timothy Stranex to talk about the company’s Kenyan launch, and how Bitcoin can be integrated with M-Pesa. → Read more

  • Fri, August 15th, 09:00 ·

    Q&A: Okeke Emeka, founder of Friendite.com and Frienditeplus.com

    Nigerian online dating platform Friendite.com and sister social network Frienditeplus.com intend to become Africa’s biggest dating and social networks within the next three years, and have already gathered over 75,000 and 600,000 users respectively. Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Okeke Emeka spoke to HumanIPO about the platforms, the online dating space in Africa, and his plans to raise US$500,000 VC funding while also attracting 2.5 million users before the end of the year. → Read more

  • Thu, August 14th, 17:00 ·

    FEATURE: Concerns over Facebook mandatory Messenger app

    Following Facebook’s decision to require its mobile users who want to continue to use its messaging service to install its latest messenger app, experts and users alike have raised security and privacy concerns over the mandatory app. → Read more

  • Mon, August 4th, 15:30 ·

    OPINION: Can technology transmit the flow of the Holy Spirit?

    Today, the Soul Winning Family of God Church in Ibadan, and Africa’s largest church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God would begin their annual convention. In addition to several other major churches across the country, tens of millions of people are expected to be part of these religious events. → Read more

  • Sun, July 27th, 08:00 ·

    FEATURE: The week in startups 27/07/2014

    This week in startups was characterised by industry experts and investors handing out valuable advice and tips to entrepreneurs in Africa, while towards the end of the week a number of launches took place seeing successful startups expand across the continent. → Read more

  • Mon, July 21st, 16:00 ·

    REVIEW: Garmin Vivofit

    Wearable fitness tracking devices are fast becoming a trend, especially among those people conscious of their health. There are currently a lot of big names in the industry like Polar Loop, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP, and the new Samsung Gear Fit. → Read more

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