MTC Namibia launches Netman 4G prepaid

MTC Namibia launches Netman 4G prepaid

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Namibian telecommunications operator MTC has unveiled a new service to its Netman product which allows prepaid customers to access high speed internet charged per time intervals rather than per megabytes (MB) usage.

The Netman 4G Time Prepaid service will be a time-based internet access prepaid product, with speeds of up to 100 Mbps and available to subscribers at a cost of N$30 (US$3) per hour.

MTC customers will be required to purchase the 4G LTE USB device and SIM card from any mobile shop across the country at the cost of N$298 ($30).

New Era reports Tim Ekandjo, chief corporate affairs officer at MTC, said: “As a 4G prepaid product, since the speed is dramatically fast, the correct way to offer it to the market is through charging per time rather than per volume usage.”

Ekandjo said with 4G LTE speeds of up to 100Mbps, a customer will be able to download more than six gigabytes per hour, using an unexpected average speed which represents more than four downloads series.

The new offer is targeted towards heavy internet users that for any reason cannot sign up for a contract, while Netman 3G prepaid is best suited for a regular user.

“This pre-paid offer complements the current Netman 4G postpaid packages, since prepaid requires a recharge when airtime is depleted, while postpaid gives the customer convenience of not having to stop while surfing the internet,” Ekandjo said.

HumanIPO reported in June MTC had completed the second phase of its LTE products with rollouts in eight major towns, with plans to complete the next phase within a year.

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