Cameroon-based developers make TV viewing interactive, in real-time

A new platform named Djoss.tv, which lets TV viewers discuss aired programs in real time, is poised to change misconceptions that watching TV can be “boring or result to health-related complications.”

The Cameroon-based team behind the app believes viewers in Africa can use Djoss.tv to learn life lessons interactively — in health, education, employment, housing, nutrition, transport, entertainment or just about anything in their lives.

Djoss.tv aims to engage viewers in discussions as well as gauge their opinions before, during and after airing TV programs.

One of the founders Patrick Ndjientcheu said, passionate about Internet, he felt the need to do something to help people improve their lives.

The platform enables viewers to engage through its real-time virtual living-room-like social experience, he told HumanIPO.

It provides a compelling way for TV channels to encourage and enhance real-time conversations around their shows. Djoss.tv platform can be used to gather viewers’ feedback essential for reinventing television experience as well as develop brand awareness further.

Ndjientcheu is in charge of defining usable, valuable and enjoyable Djoss experience for viewers and TV channels. He also leads the technical implementation of the platform.

“I wanted to help viewers make smarter choices and have a more enjoyable life. Most of them currently use SMS or email but we have found that these solutions are inconvenient. Djoss.tv makes the TV show or programme social by connecting viewers in one place to their colleeagues elsewhere simultaneously,” he said.

For advertisers, Djoss.tv is a powerful way to reach TV viewers depending on their geographical location.

“We try to go far beyond just solving users problem: we want to make them to feel happy while using our product. To do that, we work hard to have a deep understanding of our users. Many features we have nowhere added after analyzing how people were using our platform,” Ndjentcheu said.
The team behind Djoss.tv looks to understand better African TV channel’s engagement needs and deepen integration with their TV shows with a live social widget which will be displayed on TV.

Around 600 people have checked in more than 1300 times on 45 TV programs. The popular programs were the live coverage of Cameroonian Election results publication with around 140 people who gathered on Djoss.tv to share the impressions and follow live commentaries, the canal d’or ceremony with more than 70 Djosseurs who came there to support their favorites artists, the French Presidential Debate or the African Cup of Nations final.

Djoss.tv was founded in September last year by Patrick Ndjientcheu alongside three others including Hervé Djia, Eloge Fokem, and Kouotou Aboubakar Sidiki. Karel Mitende, a journalist in charge of content, recently joined the team.

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