Price comparison site to be launched in Nigeria

Naspers/MIH Internet, the company behind Dealfish Nigeria, is planning to launch a new site called PriceCheck in Nigeria. The site will offer Nigeria’s online users services including comparison of commodity prices.

According to TechLoy, the website is set to be launched in a few weeks’ time, since the company is currently hiring new talent including Web developer, technical coordinator, content editor and content assistant for the site.

MIH Internet is behind the recently rebranded Dealfish (now OLX), a classifieds adds website. It is also the company that owned Kalahari Nigeria, a 10-month old retail that was closed citing “performance of the service has been below expectation since launch and reaching profitability was not a reasonable near-term prospect”

However, MIH is not just known for failed startups, as it has a successful price comparison directory called PriceCheck based in South Africa. The site allows users to compare products in online retail shops, and claims to be the leading price comparison site in the country.

Some of the products available on the site include computers, software, electronics, cellphones and their accessories, jewellery among others.

These are sourced from trusted vendors and credible brand names, using the most sophisticated price comparison technology, to offer the fastest and most relevant search.

MIH also has similar services in Brazil called Bondfaro and Buscape, claimed to be the largest comparison sites in Latin America.

TechLoy reports that the closest Nigeria has ever come to having a price comparison site is when Sheriff Shittu, a techpreneur launched his startup called Prices, that later rebranded to Lokoso, that claims to have over 20,000 products from more than 200 shops.

If MIH Internet make happen their plans, then Nigeria will enjoy the most advanced and simplified method of price comparison services.

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