Goodbuzz’s intent could set high advertising standards for Africa

A social media-marketing tool that expects to reach out its influence in Africa once it establishes headquarters in Kenya has vowed to change the continent’s online marketing trends by replicating its model for success in UK.

Goodbuzz says it’s targeting the African market by opening a Kenyan version of their social media marketing platform in the country this month. The Internet marketing firm has since started operations in Kenya through a new website: Goodbuzz.co.ke.

“We plan to expand in Africa, focusing in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. Asia is a good prospective market too,” said Goodbuzz’s founder, Mawuna Koutonin.

The UK-based developer from Togo told HumanIPO the social marketing platform is built as a social game that uses social incentive system called tipping to leverage the most widespread social behaviour on the Web.

Goodbuzz platform uses a tracking system to monitor how users share promotions on the site. Users then get tipped on how much they share.

“In ‘pay per post,’ ‘pay per click’ or ‘sponsored tweet’ systems, advertiser’s results depend on how much money they have. In GoodBuzz model, your result doesn’t depend on how much money you have. For example, one advertiser can offer $50 tip and receive 300 leads, and another advertiser will leave the same amount of tip and receive 2000 leads, simply because more people like what he or she is doing.”

The four-month old application has since reported a payout of over $300,000 tips shared by advertisers and has had over 1,000 promotions on the site.

“The idea behind Goodbuzz is quite new,” says Koutonin, “Goodbuzz comes from our unique insight into human nature, and our stance that social marketing has its own dynamics, and should not be wrapped in the old marketing clothes,”

Similar marketing platforms are currently in use across the globe including Twitter’s SponsoredTweets — where the site pays users for sharing advertiser’s messages. Virurl also uses an incentive program to motivate users to share news items and promotions on their website. Users can earn points by sharing links and redeem them for cash or prizes.

Kenyan businesses have recently only relied on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as social media-marketing tools.

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