IPO48 Nairobi winners – 6 uni-guys trying to revolutionize the Kenyan education field

IPO48 Nairobi winners – 6 uni-guys trying to revolutionize the Kenyan education field

Tusqee Systems, winner of 25 000 € from the IPO48 investors, claim they will be revolutionizing the way more than 35,000 primary & secondary schools in Kenya interact with parents.

Tusqee Systems gained almost immediately everyone’s sympathy on our platform and their popularity showed also in the tight competition at the IPO48 pledging leaderboard, where they dropped from the 1st place to the 2nd only for a question of minutes, winning finally the crowd magnet competition with a whopping 87 600 000 KSh “investment” in virtual money.

We are very proud to see that these hard-working, university-going guys are so determined to do something for the education market in Kenya. Their idea is to provide cheap, simple and interactive tools that not only let parents query for exam results, fees balances and fees statements, but also allow schools to converse with parents and other stakeholders via SMS.

And it is not a mere promise for some time now, as they have been actually working with schools for the last months. And their SchoolSMS was also voted the best software in the Government, Agriculture and Education category at the Pivot25 – a showcasing competition which promotes best mobile applications from all over Eastern Africa.

“Everybody’s a winner: schools enjoy 80% cuts in their communication budgets, reliability and efficiency while we get to make money via sale of the software & SMS credits,” say Tusqee System.

To see how they started in the beginning of the event, follow the link to their pitch-video, recorded during the first day: http://nairobi2011.ipo48.com/Tusqee-Systems

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