Mxit launches mobile music service

Mxit launches mobile music service

Mxit has partnered with Mondia Media to launch a South African mobile music service, providing users with cost effective and legal music downloads via Mxit.

Mondia Media designed Mxit Music, which was launched in April before being toned down to clear bugs, through subsidiary Cylo Digital and a partnership between Sony Music, Universal Music and Select Music.

“The partnership with Mondia Media gives our users access to cost effective and legal, high quality, full track music downloads via Mxit,” said Anton Van Niekerk, VP of user monetisation at Mxit.

“With their music selection always achieving at least 95 per cent of their international and local charts, our users can be sure to find their favourite hits. Mondia Media’s global industry relationships and extensive experience in the digital music space, combined with their innovative approach to music dissemination, made them the right partner for us.”

Users will be able to download music to their phones, priced at between ZAR4 and ZAR8.50 per track.

Mondia Media will manage permissions, DRM and royalties, with Mxit providing the technology.

Dr Amadeo Rahmann, CEO of Mondia Media said: “As a global leader in digital entertainment services, Mondia Media understands both the opportunities and challenges of supplying digital entertainment solutions in emerging markets.

“Working in close collaboration with our team in South Africa, we are creating popular digital music services for African consumers. We are proud that Mondia Media is the South African music industry’s preferred digital partner and look forward to extending this role across the African continent!”

The company is also the technology and content provider for clients and projects including DStv’s O Music, Samsung’s pan-African music service and the upcoming re-launch of Look & Listen’s digital music retail platform.

HumanIPO reported earlier this month Mxit was more popular than Facebook in South Africa, making the chat app’s home country one of the few which does not comply with general Facebook world domination statistics, according to a social media report.

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