Huawei launches new smartphone and media pad

Huawei Technologies has unveiled two new mobile products for the Kenyan market. The China-based phone-maker has released the Huawei Honor and Huawei media pad.

HumanIPO had reported that more Huawei gadgets were headed for Kenya late last month. With the introduction of the two gadgets, the smartphone mobile wars have only started.

The Huawei Honor, an Android-based smartphone, operates on Gingerbread 2.0 Android operating system.

It measures 61.5mm wide, 122mm in length, 10.9mm thick with a glossy black finish in a sleek body. It has a 4.0-inch LCD touch screen with 4 touch-sensitive controls at the bottom, supports 2G and 3G network and is Wi-Fi and GPRS enabled. The high definition 8MP camera has a rear-facing camera for crisp, quality pictures and a 0.3MP front-facing camera, which allows for video chatting, the company detailed out in a statement.

Huawei Kenya Office’s chief executive Mr. Wind Li said among the African markets, Kenya’s is now among those most technologically advanced and the company has witnessed a high uptake of smartphones in the country.

“With HUAWEI Honor, we aim to increase the variety of choice Kenyans can make in the smart phone category based on the user experience that they want,” he said.

The Huawei Media Tablet, which also runs on Android Honeycomb 3.2 operating system, makes its debut into the Kenyan market. The tablet measures 190mmx124mmx10.5mm. It weighs 390 grams. The tablet has a 5MP autofocus HD camera and expandable storage of 32 GB. The tab also has 8GB ROM and High Speed Packet Access – plus (HSPA+) offering faster internet connection.

“Kenyan people are now aware of technology and have responded very well to our IDEOS Smartphones. Being the first home device to be launched in the Kenyan market, we are confident that its uptake will lead to the introduction of many more home device solutions. We are therefore spreading our wings to target the home device market that is growing,” Mr. Li said

The Huawei Honor will retail at KSh31,999 (US$375) while the Huawei Media Tablet with sell at a retail price of KSh34,999. (US$415)

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