Are you a job seeker? Send your CVs by SMSing, GLO shows it all

Nigerian-owned GLO, a cellular network operator, has introduced Glo Job Xpress, a new service that lets job seekers send CV’s to likely employers via SMS text messages.

Job seekers who have no Internet access will find the service useful, says Glo, as they would send their CVs on the go, or respond fast to vacancies without the need to type applications of edit CVs.

The CVs sent, from any type of phone, is delivered to the prospective employer or recruitment agency as regular email with “pre–composed job application or cover letter in the body of the email, and with the sender’s CV as an attachment.”

Glo’s customers can subscribe to the new service by texting the keyword CV or REG to 2034. Subscribers are later assigned a key word and sent a set of instructions to get them started.

All registered users are afterwards assigned email addresses unique to their respective phone numbers, which act as their new addresses, for instance .

Upon registration, the subscriber is required to upload a maximum of four CVs online to be able to send the CVs from anywhere via text messaging. Subscribers later decide which CV they want to send. The selected CV is then sent instantly to the respective employer.

Globacom’s head of value added services Samson Isa said that Glo Job Express will change the way in which applicants apply for jobs as they can now send their resumes instantly from any location with great of ease.

This type of service is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and is expected to ease the manner in which applicants apply for job positions, said Isa.

The new service comes after Glo recently launched Glo Messenger, an sms to email/Instant Messaging service, to enable non-Internet users to send and receive emails on Yahoo or MSN directly from their mobile phones via sms.

GLO, also known as Globacom, is a Nigerian telecommunications company with an estimated 25 million subscribers, as of June 2009. It operates in four West African countries, namely Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, where it headquartered.

The service is only available to Glo customers.

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