Tunisia’s telecom company launches 3G service

Tunisiana, a mobile telephone company in Tunisia has launched 3G network for its data customers.

The company now has a coverage of over 48 percent of the countries’ population giving customers a faster Internet connection on mobile and desktop. The company says that by the end of the year, the coverage will reach 71 percent, and 87 percent by early next year.
The company will cover Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Djerba, Cap Bon, Hammamet and Nabeul in the roll up of the service.
The company is currently the biggest mobile phone company in the country boasting of over 6 million subscribers and counting.
Ken Campbell, CEO of Tunisiana, said, “With this network, we are able to provide a quality 3G offering that will deliver the best customer experience in Tunisia. Most importantly, Tunisiana will continue providing affordable, flexible offerings for all Tunisians, including the lowest price 3G handset.”
Tunisiana is part of the Qtel group (Qatar Telecom), Qtel Group’s chief executive Nasser Marafih, said: “The Tunisiana team really did something exceptional in bringing 3G services to its customers only three months after receiving the license and just in time for the holy month of Ramadan.”

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