Aboutticketz.com introduces QR code ticketing in SA

AboutTicketZ is pioneering mobile QR code ticketing in South Africa, moving a step further from SMS-based mobile ticketing solutions already in existence in the country.

South Africa-based Lianthe Swart and Johan Meyer founded the app earlier this year. Lianthe told HumanIPO the app’s QR Code solution is unique as it does not only deliver the tickets directly to users mobile via a QR code. It also offers them the ability to buy tickets from their mobile.
The firm behind the app offers streamline ticket sales eliminating paper tickets and lists and queues and frauds. It targets event organisers, corporate companies, club owners, music managers and individuals.
The founders say they were inspired by their passions for technology and marketing “as well as our love for developing solutions and easier ways to provide a better service to our customers, AboutTicketZ developed from a dream to a thriving business in a matter of months.”
Tickets are usually sold online or at a physical store and people had to queue for hours to buy tickets, Lianthe says.

“We decided to build a platform that would enable anyone to go online and create an event. Once the event is created the system will give them the ability to sell tickets in multiple ways,” Lianthe noted.

The tickets can be sold online, via mobile, Facebook, twitter, even at a physical store.

“Plus not only do we give you the means to sell tickets we take care of the credit card processing and ticket management. We found that in South Africa and Africa most ticket sales are done using paper tickets,” Linthe said.
The firm offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use mobile ticketing application for events of any size. With secure payment processing and ticket delivery, leading-edge scanning technology, advanced tools for tracking and communicating with event attendees,
AboutTicketZ provides a next-generation ticketing tool for the needs of today’s event organiser.

Accoding to the founders, it is “perfect” for any conference, party, club, VIP event, expo, launch and so much more making it the latest pioneering solution for event management in Africa.
However as they deliver tickets directly to the mobile and provide clients with a Facebook application to sell tickets, the founders say their biggest challenge still is to convince ticket buyers that mobile is the safest way to buy or pay for your tickets.

Most of modern-day event goers are used to getting a physical paper ticket, Linthe says, we are convinced that the market will become much bigger once they realize how convenient mobile ticketing is.
Lianthe has worked in the event organising and marketing industry for over 10 years and has for firms including Visa, Athens Olympics, Nickelodeon, Wimbledon Tennis, Disney.

She has also founded several firms in South Africa before AboutTicketz such as About Merchandise, Ling Trading, AboutDesignz.

Meyer who has been in the IT industry since 1999 and says he is passionate about mobile money payments. In 2012, he co-founded AboutTicketZ, a mobile ticketing company. Meyer is also part of the team behind Globa, a money transfer platform

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